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The demand of products is higher than the supply as the market continues to expand. Therefore in 2009, Sanli initiated the new plant construction project occupying area of 200 ha, established the global operations business unit at the head office in Jinjiang, expanded the office building and employee dormitories. By expanding the auto gear capacity will increase from 8 million pieces a year in 2008 to 20 million pieces a year in 2012, Sanli aims at becoming the top auto gear supplier in China. In fact, Sanli already became the largest garden machinery manufacturer in China in 2010. However, it aims to become one of the world’s top ten in 2012 and expand the business to the five continents in the world. Additionally, Sanli will continue to invest in the R&D of global garden machinery by means of country differentiation in order to create highly value-added products according to the government policies. On the other hand, Sanli will engage in the R&D of nongardening products, including hardware tools for construction, carpentry, metalwork, and every for
daily life.

In terms of employee welfare, apart from improving and increasing the in-service (on-the-job) training of employees, Sanli will raise their salary, improve their benefits and provide them with comfortable accommodation in order to provide them a learning and quality work environment. In terms of corporate social community, apar t from engage in active community empowerment and cooperative education to increase job opportunities, Sanli will introduce the bonus and stock option systems in order to keep in pace with international businesses.

While the global oil reserve is exhausting, Sanli will engage in the development of alternative energy inorder to contribute to environmental protection.“Cultivating China and thinking globally”, for the long run, Sanli wishes to become the supplier of all products for humans in order to be the pride of China and promote social well-being.