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Sanli Engine Co., Ltd set up a join venture with TCK Garden SAS in France in 2012, named TS Garden SAS which locates in south France and next to Spain, in Toulouse, France.

We offer high quality garden machines and equipment adapted for French market at a very competitive price. The seasonal products are available and they are all with good performance. For products, we have rigorous and efficient process of quality control, 100% of Sanli garden machines and equipment are tested on the assembly lines. What’s more, we have set up about 200 dealers in France, after sales service made by our dealerships is close to the end-users, availability of the spare parts on 48 hours upport after sales service strongly. Further, the technical and quality manager located in France also meet customers’ urgent and
tough needs.

Our goal is to make Sanli be international brand and spread our enterprise culture. We believe that we can satisfy you with our competitive price and high quality products.